The ISOOSI™ (pronounced "I-SOO-SEE") Research Engine was designed to make searching the Internet easier and more fun.

The Research Engine search box (available throughout the website) integrates search functionality from a number of respected online resources, from Google and Bing to Twitter, Wikipedia, Facebook, Amazon, and more.

The Research Engine also allows you to search the ISOOSI Web Directory.

The directory currently features 10.8 million carefully categorized links, over 950,000 of which are reviewed. If you're not scared of being put to sleep by technical speak, you can learn more about how our web directory and crawler works by clicking here.

Our Marketing Blog features SEO, branding, lead generation, social media, copywriting, and other web marketing articles written by some of the best in the business.

ISOOSI was created by a collective of friends, programmers, data wonks and Internet geeks.

Management Team

Carlos Fernandes
Jason Farrington
Vice President
Erik Stafford
Creative Director

Our Mission

The Internet is a huge place. According to Netcraft, there are over 713 million active websites...with more being added every minute!

It's a ton of information, especially when you consider the thousands of news articles, social media updates, images, and blog posts that are published and shared every second of every day.

As a web user, it can be pretty difficult to sift through all of this data and actually find what you're looking for.

And, from the perspective of the business owner, author, inventor, or entrepreneur - reaching the audience who would benefit the most from what you do is critical.

That's why we've created ISOOSI.

Our mission is to create a web resource that's easy for everyone: From casual web surfers to focused information-seekers, from passionate industry experts to business owners who want more visibility.

ISOOSI is (and always will be) a work in progress... Continually evolving, adapting and improving.

We hope you find it useful!