Art Directory

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

~ Pablo Picasso

The arts are a huge subject covering the entirety of human creativity. Our art directory includes over a million active links, from cave paintings, music, literature, and movies to performing arts and various crafts.

Art takes many forms but is judged on its form, genre and style. The form is the medium the artwork takes, animation, bands, crafts, literature, movies, music, performing arts and visual art. The genre is a very general categorization of what the artwork represents, such as horror, gothic, classic and so on. The style measures the type of artwork, such as impressionism, modern, pop art or even Manga.

The first known works of art are cave paintings that date back 40,000 years to the Paleolithic period. Evidence of human creativity have been found from every period of human history since then right up to the present day. The arts are intrinsically linked to the human psyche, but nobody knows why. Many artists have the urge to create, some people have the talent to create - and a few artists have the amazing ability to create music or works of art and literature that truly inspire others.

Art is passed down through time.... year to year, generation to generation. It is so entwined with our culture and society that it is impossible to contemplate one without the other.

Whether it’s visual art, physical art as in craft, sculpture and architecture, to music, comics, movies or the ever-evolving world of digital art. If you’re looking for anything creative, anything artsy, from bands and artists, the latest blockbuster movies, classical masterpieces by the great masters or crafts from around the world, this is where to find it.

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