Crafts Directory

“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”

~ Ernest Hemingway

The ISOOSI crafts directory is huge, almost as large as the subject itself. Whether you’re into balloon sculpting or basket weaving, glassmaking or lacemaking, textiles, crocheting or woodcraft, you’ll find an enormous amount of information in here.

Crafts have been part of society since the beginning of time. Crafting has turned people into professional artisans, artists, builders, quilters, stonemasons and ceramicists. Through our evolution, crafting and the art of creating things has always been front and center in our existence. There is nothing quite like the act of making objects of satisfaction!

With that in mind, ISOOSI has searched the internet for the best resources on the internet on a wide range of craft subjects.

We found the best of the world of crafts and put them right here.

We have collected links on artisans, associations, beading, candles, ceramics, painting, doll making and more. If it’s decoration you like, try the enameling, lacemaking, marbling or textile categories. If you like the modern, check out the personal pages and weblogs section. If the outdoors is more your thing, you might like to try wildcrafting or woodcrafts.

If you have the urge to create, a skill to develop or a passion to pursue, the ISOOSI crafts directory is where you will develop it.

Pick a sub category from the links below and you're sure to find what you're looking for!

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