Visual Arts Directory

“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.

~ Oscar Wilde

The ISOOSI Visual Arts directory seeks to cover as many visual art genres as possible and includes a huge variety of subjects all helpfully collated into logical categories.

They include calligraphy, collage, drawing, installation art, painting, performance art, printmaking, sculpture, textile art and many more visible forms.

Visual arts... as the name suggests, is all about the seeing and the interpretation of what you see.

Typically, visual arts refers to anything that includes drawing, painting, sculpture, print, video, design and architecture. However, it can also include other arts such as performing arts if it has a visual element.

It is without doubt that life would be incredibly dull without art in its many forms. Many of us feel a desire to create something, often without knowing why. It is this drive that helps us create art in all its many guises, with all its degrees of success.

If it’s the subject itself you’re interested in, you may like the education, galleries, events, magazine, organizations, personal pages, private dealer, research or resource categories. Whichever element of the visual arts you’re into, we’ve got the links for you!

Whatever your preferred medium, there is a resource here that is full of facts, products, services and information.

Click a link and follow your creative instincts, it’s all here for you to explore!

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