Claire M. Jackson

Say Yes to Less Content and Get More Out of Your Website

by Claire M. Jackson  |  Published 9:00 AM, Mon December 15, 2014

Your audience is drowning. Are you throwing them a life preserver, or an anchor? Consider this: In just one minute of Internet time, 347 new blog posts appear on WordPress-hosted blogs. Around 278 thousand tweets enter the ether. And 571 new websites are created, many of which are striving to attract the same audience you’re...
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Amy Vernon

Why You Should Participate in Twitter Chats

by Amy Vernon  |  Published 9:00 AM, Mon December 1, 2014

On any given day at almost any given time, you can find a group of people on Twitter eagerly tweeting away on a specific hashtag. Beyond the jokey hashtags such as #CatVideoGames (Personal Space Invaders), TV-related tags such as #AnarchyAfterword (chat about Sons of Anarchy), or news-related tags (#SexiestManAlive—look, to some people, that’s news), many...
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Ruth Burr Reedy

SEO: If It’s Everybody’s Job, It’s Nobody’s Job

by Ruth Burr Reedy  |  Published 9:00 AM, Mon November 24, 2014

Sometimes a business that has previously had SEO help finds itself without an SEO. Maybe their in-house SEO leaves; maybe they’re not satisfied with their vendor and are ending the relationship; maybe they purchased an audit and have finished implementing the action items from it. Whatever the reason, they find themselves sans SEO. In this...
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