Susan Wenograd

Pack a Punch with Small Paid Search Accounts

by Susan Wenograd  |  Published 9:00 AM, Mon September 15, 2014

“How much should we budget? How long should we test it?” I hear these two questions constantly. It can be tough to narrow down a good recommendation when someone wants the world for a budget you discover to be itty-bitty. What you decide to do, spend, and how long you can/want to do it varies...
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Michelle Lowery

ISOOSI Chat – Change: The Constant of SEO

by Michelle Lowery  |  Published 9:00 AM, Thu September 11, 2014

Ready for another edition of Throwback Thursday ISOOSI chat? You are? Well, we just so happen to have one right here for you! See, it’s all about the sharing and the giving around here. Anyone who’s been in the SEO industry for any length of time knows one thing with absolute certainty—this industry can change...
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Claire M. Jackson

More Than Blowing Smoke: More Effective Content Through Better Presentation

by Claire M. Jackson  |  Published 9:00 AM, Wed September 10, 2014

Can the right package and presentation convince people to embrace things they might otherwise ignore? The existence of reality television certainly lends strong support to this idea. What about the opposite? Can great content in terrible packages ever hope to be as effective as adequate or even shoddy content in sparkly, attractive ones? As marketers,...
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