About Ammon Johns

After starting out as a website developer in the mid-1990's, Ammon Johns has been a renowned Internet Marketing Consultant since 1997. Originally posting in webmaster forums under the pseudonym 'Black Knight', Ammon is cited as an important mentor for many now-famous figures in SEO such as Rand Fishkin, Bill Slawski, and Will Critchlow.

Ammon Johns is a frequent speaker at several of the main seminars and conferences such as Search Engine Strategies and SMX in the UK, and was one of the people at the very first ever PubCon. His role in mentoring, and providing professional consulting to, many other SEOs has lead to him being sometimes called "the SEO's SEO".

Ammon Johns has always taken a broader approach to SEO than the majority. This approach became known in the Cre8asite Forums as far back as 2003 as 'the holistic method'. He combines the technical aspects of SEO with the knowledge of persuasive design, captology, performance management, and of course, grounds it all in sales and marketing.

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Focus, Diversity and Agility

by Ammon Johns  |  Published 10:22 AM, Mon November 18, 2013

This is one of my ‘Big Picture’ posts, looking at the larger landscape of what we do, should do, or need to do. I’m not apologizing for that fact, just warning you up-front. This isn’t a “5 tags you can add to increase your rank one place” article. This is one you should digest and...
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Hummingbird – The Opposite of Long-Tail Search

by Ammon Johns  |  Published 6:16 PM, Wed October 9, 2013

Those who know me, or know of me, know that I sometimes take a very different view from the majority. When other SEOs were happily tracking ‘hits’ and ranking positions as the sole measure of success, way back in the ’90s, I was never afraid to disagree and look at visits, conversions, sales, etc. In...
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The Great Content Marketing Swindle

by Ammon Johns  |  Published 2:11 PM, Thu September 19, 2013

As one of the genuine Old Timers of SEO there are lots of things that bug me. It’s a given. Whether us ‘OG’s are called Pioneers, ‘Old Gangsters’, or ‘First Generation’ SEOs, we all get to spend a little time on a virtual veranda, staring out at what the landscape has become since we pioneered...
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