ISOOSI Chat – Resistance to SEO: When Professions Collide

by Claire M. Jackson  |  Published 4:00 PM, Tue June 10, 2014

Did you miss today’s live #ISOOSIchat? Not to worry! Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can catch the recap and full video right here on the ISOOSI blog.

Special guests today were:

Michelle Lowery, Co-Founder of Passion Fruit Creative Group. An experienced content creator and digital marketer who’s been on both sides of the SEO fence, Michelle is passionate about helping small businesses find success online.
Susan Finch, owner of Susan Finch Solutions, has more than 25 years of experience as a marketer. She’s committed to helping her clients find real and lasting growth for their businesses.

Also in the discussion today were ISOOSI chat regulars:

Bill Slawski, Director of Search Marketing at Go Fish Digital, and author of the SEO by the Sea blog
Ammon Johns, independent SEO and Internet marketing consultant
Erik Stafford, Creative Director at ISOOSI

Why are some clients so reluctant to embrace the value of SEO? Why does it seem like marketing, sales, tech and SEO pros are often at each others’ throats instead of working together? Today’s chat was an amazing conversation about the importance of collaboration, cooperation, and education in bridging the worlds of SEO, content, and clients. We’ve covered a few of the highlights:

Michelle said much of the mistrust that’s directed at SEO stems from the industry’s relative novelty and ever-changing nature. The rise of SEO also means creatives and digital marketers are now sharing space instead of working in their own little islands.

She also said content creators need at least a basic understanding of SEO if they want to help their clients succeed—otherwise, they’re approaching the whole process while wearing blinders.

Susan had some strong advice for anyone looking to find a good SEO company: It’s about a collaborative relationship that’s honest in both directions. No marketer is universal, and while we can’t control the world, we can influence our clients’ success.

Erik underscored the importance of collaboration (both internally and with clients) with a great line: “What good is a website, if people don’t see it? What good is traffic, if it doesn’t convert?”

Bill, responding to Michelle’s point about small businesses being the most in need of smart and strong SEO to compete with the big boys, said that smart companies who want to succeed must “overcome fragility” in their markets with good content that’s supported by strong SEO.

Ammon shared some insight based on his long years of experience: The problem isn’t necessarily that we (content pros and digital marketing pros) are in opposition, but rather that we’re often playing different games, i.e. seeking to meet the same needs in different ways.

Can a client burned by bad SEO ever be convinced to trust again? Erik asked the group how they might educate and convert an anti-SEO client.

The group had some outstanding answers. Which of our experts deftly compared client recovery to being a rebound boyfriend? Which one pointed out just how much we can get done if we’re not hung up on who gets the credit? And which one is a little bit intimidated by their friendly neighborhood mechanic? Tune in and find out!

You don’t want to miss our next ISOOSI chat on Tuesday, June 17, 2014, at 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific. Our regulars will be talking with Stephanie Simms about Business and Finance—The “F” Word. See you then!


Claire Monserrat Jackson is a writer and editor who took the long way 'round to her current career via the IT and Design fields.

A published poet and author, Claire is passionate about chucking out "cookie cutter" content in favor of high-quality content that engages, informs and entertains in occasionally unexpected ways.

In addition to her full time gig wordsmithing as the co-founder of Passion Fruit Creative Group, Claire also writes poetry, short humor pieces and flash fiction. If she's not scribbling, she's reading whatever she can get her hands on or out exploring the wilds of Ohio.

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