Arts and Entertainment Directory

“Everybody in show business and the entertainment industry fly by the
seat of our pants. We don't know quite what is going to happen.” 

~ William Shatner

The ISOOSI Arts and Entertainment directory concerns itself with the business behind creation. If you want to explore the other side of creativity, that of where to create, who pays you to create, or how to make money creating, this is the directory for you.

Our arts and entertainment category includes links to the agents, agencies, amusement parks, beauty pageants, employment within the industry, facilities, marketing, advertising, production, production services, tools and equipment necessary to facilitate the creative mind.

Looking to break into the arts and entertainment industry?

Check out our associations, agents and agencies, media conglomerates, or production services categories. Want to know more about the business behind creation? Check out the employment, facilities, marketing and advertising, publishing and media production categories.

It has never been easier to make money from your creations, but you need a grounding in how the business works to make a living. Whether you’re an aspiring artist wanting to make a living, or a business-minded individual with an interest in the arts, this is the directory for you. Every link is organized into logical categories to make it as easy as possible to find what you’re looking for.

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