Multimedia Directory

“Sometimes when you have multimedia, people use it too much... It has to be a tool and not the end product.” 

~ Donny Osmond

Multimedia is just that - Multiple medias, a combination of text, sound, images, and video or animation. It's a creative blend that delivers compelling content across a multitude of mediums.

The ISOOSI Multimedia directory includes each medium in its own category to make searching easier. Whether you're researching the subject, working within the multimedia industry, or just learning about the subject, we have some great resources for you.

Multimedia can be used to describe a wide range of entertainment mediums ranging from TV to cinema, DJs, musical theater, computer graphics, video games, and a huge range of other products.

If you're researching multimedia, you might like to try the demoscene, digital video, MPEG, music and audio services categories. Those who create multimedia may find the development framework, FAQs, help and tutorials, software and internet broadcasting of interest.

Take a look around the ISOOSI multimedia directory and you'll surely find what you're looking for. Click a link, and you'll surely find what you're looking for.

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