Programming Directory

“Low-level programming is good for the programmer's soul.” 

~ John Carmack

Computer programming used to be done in dark rooms by clever people staring at screens of code. Now, with the advent of mobile apps and advanced programming tools, programming has become more mainstream.

The ISOOSI Programming directory is designed for all of you who write code, or are interested in programming, or who want to explore the subject. We have a wide range of categories chock full of information, companies and products that serve the programming world.

If you're already a programmer, then the agents, compilers, component frameworks, conferences, contests, development tools, disassemblers, languages, and metaprogramming categories will be a great help to you.

Want to dig deeper? Try the algorithms and data structures, reverse engineering, parallel and software engineering sections.

If you're looking for a programming job, check out the development tools, drivers, education, FAQs, help and tutorials, games, graphics, history, internet, or methodologies categories.

The ISOOSI programming directory encapsulates hundreds of thousands of useful links, all organized into logical categories. There's something here for every aspect of computer programmer, from expert to enthusiast, and everything in-between.

Use the sub categories below to explore.

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