Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed a number of Frequently Asked Questions below. If you have a question that you do not find the answer to here on this FAQs page - then please contact our support team by clicking here

What is ISOOSI?

ISOOSI™ (pronounced "I Soo See") Research Engine is a hybrid search engine / web directory that is the product of a fun, yet challenging project turned adventure pursued by a collective of programmers, data wonks and internet geeks that has spanned several years.

ISOOSI accepts new links into its web directory regularly as business owners, webmasters, SEO’s, marketers, web design agencies and others submit their links for review.

ISOOSI is much more than just a web directory though.

You can research the web using the tabbed search bar at the top of every page. You can search through the millions of links in our web directory and then easily tab over to see the results for the same search term on Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc. You can also search news, images and jobs.

It brings together a lot of great search tools into one centralized place – which makes it a very handy research tool.

As visitors use the website to do research, businesses that list their websites in the web directory get additional exposure.

ISOOSI Web Directory, Inc. is a Florida registered company. For our contact information, please click here.

When I search using the ISOOSI tab are these just web directory results?

No. If you want to see just the web directory listings you can drill down through the many categories by starting at the main web directory page.

If you use the ISOOSI Search function you receive results based on our web directory listings AND our crawler. Listings that have been reviewed by our editorial team show a small "ISOOSI Reviewed" green check mark.

We have built the system this way in order to give the best search experience so that users of the site get more results back for a particular search. To learn more about how our system works you can read a more in depth description here

What type of links are listed in the Web Directory part of the site?

English Language Websites Only

We currently only accept English language websites into the ISOOSI Web Directory. This is because our editorial team currently is predominantly English speaking and we do not have the resources at present to satisfactorily review millions of websites published in other languages. We will soon publish a list of good directories for other languages as a help to our website visitors.

No Adult Rated Websites

We do not allow any adult related, pornographic or sexually explicit websites. We strive to keep the ISOOSI web directory as family friendly as possible.

Website owners that have adult-rated banner advertising should also take note. Even if you feel your own website content is not in violation of our listing policies, if you have banners, advertisements or affiliate promotions on your website, these are classified as being your content. Any websites with adult related promotions or banners will also not be allowed in the directory.

No Racist, Homophobic or Offensive Websites

We do not allow websites that contain racist, homophobic or offensive material (encompassing all such content including but not limited to images, illustrations, written content, movies, etc) or websites that may infringe or violate anyone's rights.

Other Annoying Stuff

If your website makes steam come out of the ears of our editors, then chances are the majority of users are not going to appreciate it either....  so we choose to apply our discretion on all submissions from an editorial and usability perspective.

Generally speaking;

  • If your website has pop under ads that deploy when you visit the submitted URL - it will not be accepted.
  • If the URL you submit redirects to another domain name - it will not be accepted.
  • If the website traps the user in any way (by mousetrapping, browser navigation blocking, multiple pop up alerts, etc) - it will not be accepted.
  • If the website automatically starts playing Justin Bieber,... then we will think long and hard about it. Beliebers, that was a joke.

Decisions made by ISOOSI's editorial staff regarding the acceptance of a website is at our discretion and is final.

We have been crawling the web and collecting links in our database for over a decade and categorizing them based on their content. All of the links within the ISOOSI web directory have been reviewed by the ISOOSI team so there should be no adult websites or websites that promote illegal activities, since we want the web directory to be family friendly. If you do see an adult website listed or any offensive material in the directory, please let us know by contacting our editorial staff here.

Why should I list my website in the ISOOSI Web Directory?

Simply put, for increased exposure for your business or website.

A paid or featured listing has a thumbnail screenshot of your website and can include up to five social media links.

Your listing will also get enhanced positioning in the category you are listed in.

Featured web directory listing

In addition, unlike most directories, you can also manage all your links easily via one centralized member area.

Manage all your website directory listings in
    one central member area

We also feature new website listings on our home page feature rotation for 30 days.

How does a website get listed in the ISOOSI directory?

There are a few different ways you can add your URL to our web directory.

1) Use the "ADD YOUR WEBSITE" page before finding the category of your choice.

You can add your website URL by clicking here: add URL

After submitting your website information and paying the submission fee, you will then be able to choose the relevant category where you want your listing to be placed. Our editorial staff will review your category choice and if we feel this is correct, this is where your url will be listed. If the editorial team feel that there is a more appropriate category for your website we will let you know this when we approve it.

Once a link has been submitted, our editorial staff will review the submitted link, checking that the link is live and that it conforms to our listing policies. After a full review of your website and the content on it, your submitted website title and description will be checked acoordingly. We willthen determine the most suitable category for your website.  If you have added social "follow" links to your listing we will also check these to make sure they work and that they also adhere to our listing policies.

What is the difference between a featured directory link and a regular link?

Featured web directory listings are links that have been submitted by members who have joined this website and paid for their website(s) to be reviewed and categorized. As part of that membership, members get to manage all their links from one central listing management system. They can maintain their listing title, description, thumbnail by syncing it with the web page they have submitted. Members also get to add up to 5 social links to their listing to enhance it further.

Featured listings display in a preferential position within their particular category above regular links. Featured listings also display all the listing enhancements (such as thumbnail, share links and social "follow" links) when returned in the search results pages using the search facility in addition to displaying on their category placements.

Featured listings do not get any preferential placement in the search results since we want the search results to be based on relevancy. This creates a better user experience for visitors using the website and searching our directory. However, your featured listing will still show all the enhancements (thumbnail, social links, and share links) in the search results - so it will still stand out among other regular listings.

Why do you charge a submission fee?

Our goal is to provide the most usable, accurate and well maintained web directory on the Internet. We will continually strive to make the website better and more useful to visitors so that our members and advertisers get more clicks on their listings and products.

The more editors we have on staff, the better the directory becomes. The more value-added features we can incorporate, the better for our members and their websites. The more online and offline marketing of our website we do - the better for our members. The more developers we have - the better the website's features. We also take pride in providing excellent customer service so the more help desk staff we have....  you get the idea.

We tried paying everyone with jelly beans but it didn't go down too well.

If I pay the submission fee - does it guarantee that my website will get listed in the directory?

No. Around 85-90% of the websites submitted are accepted.

Despite the fact that we state quite clearly that we do not allow pornographic websites or websites with any adult or offensive material we still get some users submitting them.

So, just to be totally clear:

  • Got an adult website you want to list? This is not the place.
    Adult banners on your website?  Your submission will not be accepted.
  • Does your website contain offensive, racist, homophobic material?
    Don't waste your time. It isn't getting in.
  • Web pages that redirect the user to different domain or that utilize pop under scripts or that trap the user in any way (including but not limited to excessive pop up alerts, mouse-trapping, disabling of back button etc) will also not be accepted. We want to have websites featured that our users would find it worthwhile to visit.
  • Also, unfortunately at this time, websites that are predominantly non English are also not accepted in this web directory. This is just due to the additional resources it would take for us to review them adequately. We wish we could review them all too and in the future we will make strides to do so as we expand the web directory portion of the site.

NOTE: If you submit a website and pay for a featured BUSINESS listing and for what ever reason we do not accept it, then we will give you a full refund. If you submit another listing against our listing policies, then the submission review fee will not be refunded.

If you are a PRO member of ISOOSI and submit multiple URLs per month and you submit a website that is against our policies (adult, pornographic, etc) - you will not regain the lost credit you used for the unapproved listing. We make the assumption that PRO members should know our listing policies.

Do you have a refund policy?

Whereas most other web directories do not offer refunds, we do. ISOOSI allows a full refund of the link review fee within 60 days from the date of submission. After 60 days all sales are final. Once a refund has been granted the user will no longer be able to manage their listing in the member area.

What's the difference between a "refund" and a "cancellation"?

A "refund" is the return of the money that was paid. Whereas a "cancellation" relates to the PRO Member subscription package and is the process by which the subscription is stopped. A cancellation does not automatically request the money back. A refund however does, and also cancels the subscription at the same time if the refund was for a subscription package.

For example; if you are a PRO member and cancel the subscription and ask for a refund, the links that have been submitted using those particular credits will be removed from your member system. You will then only be able to manage the links that were paid for in previous months from subscription payments that were not refunded.

PRO members who are subscribed for our monthly subscription plan can cancel their recurring billing subscription at any time. 

Do you have an affiliate program?

Glad you asked :)

ISOOSI has a great affiliate program that is offered through CLICKBANK. Not only is it super simple - it is the best in our market in terms of the commissions we offer to you. This will start on October 29th 2013 when we start accepting new websites and members again. If you want to get in early on our affiliate program, please use our contact form and put "Affiliate Information" in the comments box.

How do I report a website that violates ISOOSI's web directory listing policies?

If you see a website listed in any part of our directory, with a featured web listing or otherwise, that you feel may be violating our listing policies then please let us know about the URL by contacting us here.