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“Games lubricate the body and the mind.” 

~ Benjamin Franklin

The ISOOSI Games directory covers every conceivable type of game from board games, card games, gambling, miniatures, online games, pen and paper games, puzzles, roleplaying games, video games and more. It’s a comprehensive category covering everything we could find that has to do with games.

According to the Collins Dictionary, a game is “an amusement or pastime, diversion, a contest with rules, the result being determined by skill, strength or change, a single period of play in a contest or sport.”

Anyone who plays regularly knows that’s a very dry description of something that makes life worth living, competition worth having and entertainment worth enjoying. After all, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Games are a necessary part of modern life. Whether you play with pen and paper, on computer, over the internet or on a field, games are a great way to burn off steam, encourage healthy competition or socialize. Without games, our lives would be very boring indeed!

Our games category includes all the favorites and some niche subjects. Whether you like coin-op games, play board games, want to know about up and coming games conventions, want to read game studies or learn about gambling, it’s all here. We also cover niche games such a miniatures, roleplaying, trading cards and table games too.

Whether you want to know the latest game news, see what new releases are coming your way, check the rules to settle a dispute or learn a new game, it’s all here. Browse through tons of awesome games links right now!

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