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“When I go to a sci-fi convention, oh God, it's the closest thing to being a rock star I will ever know in this life. It's good to be a rock star.” 

~ Nathan Fillion

The ISOOSI Game Conventions directory is a great repository of knowledge of games conventions across the world. Our categories divide the globe into geographical areas and include links to many of the major and minor games conventions in that particular area. If you're looking for information on a convention, look no further!

Gaming conventions used to be niche meetings between a select few who loved games. Today, they've become a multi-million dollar business attended by movie stars, rock bands, supermodels and fans from across the world.

Conventions have grown from being low-key discussions about games into multimedia extravaganzas with the budgets and presence of the Oscars or the Superbowl.

Some of the largest gaming conventions in the world are in Europe. The Spiel, in Germany is one of the largest. The Festival Ludique International de Parthenay in France is the longest, held over 12 days. Yet E3, held in the US is still one of the most famous.

Our categories include Africa, Europe, North America, Oceana. Check out each one to see what conventions are happening in your area, and get details on who will be appearing.

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