Addictions Directory

“It is hard to understand addiction unless you have experienced it.” 

~ Ken Hensley

The subject of addiction is huge, which is why the ISOOSI Addictions directory was created. This repository of addiction knowledge seeks to offer information, interaction and value to those with addictions, and those working with addicts.

An addiction is regarded as something we do regardless of cost or consequence.

An addiction isn’t just external, such as using substances or gambling, it can be any activity that we feel an uncontrollable urge to undertake. That could be exercise, work, eating fast food or even playing games. The forms an addiction takes is almost as varied as the reasons for having the addiction in the first place.

If you’re exploring a particular addiction, we suggest the food, games, internet, drugs, gambling or sex categories. If you work, or would like to work in this field, you might want to explore the organizations, treatment centers, and support groups categories.

Our knowledge of addiction grows all the time, as does our Addictions Directory. We continually collect new resources, new information and new links to provide up to date information on the issue.

Check back often to keep up!

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