Animal Directory

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one's
soul remains unawakened.” 

~ Anatole France

While animals have always been an important source of food and labor, our relationship with animals has changed markedly over the past hundred years. More and more people are taking interest in housing pets and caring for them as part of their family.

The ISOOSI Animal directory contains links regarding all aspects of animal health.

We have collected a wide variety of links on a wide variety of subjects ranging from domestic pets, livestock, and wildlife to working as a veterinarian, and exploring the health of our animals.

If you own or manage animals, or are interested in animal health, you might like the alternative medicine, birds, conditions and diseases, fish, livestock, mammals, pets, reptiles and amphibian and wildlife categories. If you practice animal medicine, you could also try our drugs and medications, publications, reproduction, veterinary medicine and research categories.

We have collected a huge selection of links on the subject, ranging from veterinarians to products and services, and even animal insurance.

Whatever you’re looking for, whichever aspect of animal health you’re interest in, this is the place to begin your search. Select a category below, click a link, and you're sure to find what you're seeking.

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