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“The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” 

~ Voltaire

Since mankind took that first step onto the road of enlightenment, we have taken an interest in the human body and it’s continued wellbeing. The science of medicine developed gradually from a mix of spirituality, herbalism and observational diagnosis to become one of the primary industries of the world.

The ISOOSI Medicine directory seeks to do justice to such an august science by offering a wealth of useful links on a range of subjects within it.

Our categories are wide ranging and relevant to the field of medicine. They are suitable for those practicing medicine and equally those wanting to learn more about it.

For a grounding on the subject, we suggest the basic sciences, education, evidence based medicine, imaging, informatics, reference and research pages. If you would like to explore further, the employment, facilities, journals, medical specialties, osteopathy, surgery and organization categories may offer value.

The medicine category is one of many within the ISOOSI Health and Medical directory.

It is only one part of our effort to provide a rich resource of information, learning, products, contacts, companies and history surrounding our health and wellbeing.

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