Pharmacy Directory

“A miracle drug is any drug that will do what the label says it will do.” 

~ Eric Hodgins

Pharmacy is where biology meets chemistry and magical things happen. It is the science of creating drugs that heal the sick, prevent infection and disease and controls physical and mental issues.

The ISOOSI Pharmacy directory includes categories on drugs and medications, nuclear pharmacy, organizations, prescription services, schools of pharmacy and telepharmacy services.

Pharmacy is an ancient practice that has its basis in prehistoric times. Ever since one human told another to chew a particular root, eat a leaf, or mix herbs to heal, pharmacy has been helping us cope with the challenges of life.

The name pharmacy credited to the Ancient Greek “Pharmakos” which was originally a sorcerer or one who works with poisons. The earliest written record of pharmacy date back to 600 BC and the Indian Ayurvedic Treatise. Since that time, plenty of evidence has been found for the development of pharmaceuticals throughout our history.

Whether you’re a pharmacist exploring your science or a layman wanting to learn more, there is a wealth of knowledge contained within our pharmacy directory. Everything we have collected has been organized into logical, relevant categories for you to discover.

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