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“A healthy attitude is contagious but don't wait to catch it from others.
Be a carrier.” 

~ Tom Stoppard

The ISOOSI Public Health directory contains a wealth of links to knowledge, including companies, products and services around the subject. If you're interested in the health of individuals and society at large, this is the directory for you.

Public health has been a concern of society since we began living in towns and cities.

It is a subject that concerns itself with the health and welfare of the populace at large, as well as the individual. It’s also something that is much of a challenge today as it was when first developed thousands of years ago.

Early wisdom warned against drinking from stagnant pools, eating rotten food and disposing of waste near where we sleep. While the reasons for such things were not known at the time, the effects of them were.

It was the Greeks and Romans who popularized public health with great works such as aqueducts, sewers, public baths and latrines. All these things combined to allow city living to be possible and for the further development of public health as a societal concern.

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