Senior Health Directory

“Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it,
you've got to start young.” 

~ Theodore Roosevelt

The ISOOSI Senior Health directory is a collection of relevant links that offers information, knowledge, products, contacts and services to anyone interested in Senior Health.

Whatever your interest in senior health, there is bound to be something here for you. We seek to put Senior Health information at your fingertips by organizing tons of senior health links from around the internet.

As medicine becomes more effective and our knowledge of health and disease increases, so does our life expectancy.

That gives the ravages of age much more time to take their toll, which is just one of the reasons it’s important to understand as much about senior health as possible.

If you’re interested in the subject, we suggest trying the drugs, fitness, nutrition, sexuality and the wellbeing and safety categories. If you’re interested in the conditions that affect seniors try the Alzheimer's, dementia, macular degeneration and osteoarthritis categories.

If you would like to know more about caring for a senior, you might like to try the assisted living, caregiver support, adaptive equipment, hearing aids and long term care insurance categories.

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