Consumer Information Directory

“Every man is a consumer, and ought to be a producer. He is by constitution expensive, and needs to be rich.” 

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are all consumers. We all buy things we need and many things we don’t. We buy to eat, to clothe ourselves, to get us from place to place, to entertain us and to make us feel good. Whatever the reason for your purchase, consumption is what we do.

The ISOOSI Consumer Information directory has collected a wealth of information on the subject and has categorized it all here for your convenience. Whether you’re looking to assert your rights, research a product, or celebrate great service, there is a category here for you.

In a world with as much choice and complication as ours, a good source of consumer information is essential.

It can provide the information vital to ensure you get the right service and the right product at the right price.

Our many and varied categories include; appliances, arts and entertainment, auctions, automobiles, clothing and accessories, computers and internet, electronics, food and drink, gifts and greetings, home and family, jewelry and gemstones, lawn and garden, motorcycles, office, pets, recalls, ski resorts, sports and recreation, swimming pools and spa, tools, toys and games or travel.

For general information, you could try advocacy and protection, complaints, consumer opinion, price comparisons, publications, refunds or coupons. We think we have covered most things here.

ISOOSI has searched the web for the highest quality consumer information links around.

We hope they help!

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