Arts Directory

“If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then
by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” 

~ Vincent Van Gogh

The ISOOSI Arts directory paints a child’s-eye view of art, creativity and activity.

We cover a wide spectrum of art, from dance to writing, design to theater and many things in-between. It’s the ideal place to begin your journey into the world of art.

Encouraging an appreciation for art in our children is the responsibility of everyone.

Art enriches our lives, teaches us about beauty, about observation, creation, color, focus, patience and the benefits of seeing a job through to the end. It isn’t just about creating a masterpiece, it’s about investing something of yourself into your creation.

Our categories cater for art interests of all kinds, such as creative writing, dance, design, filmmaking, graphic design, music, painting, photography, sculpture, theater and drama.

Whatever creativity you’re interested in, you'll find it here.

To learn about art, try children’s museums, online stories, organizations or showcases for kid’s art. They are full of interesting places to explore, full of useful information and tips.

Whether you want to be the next Monet or Walt Disney, or just want to express yourself in a creative way, ISOOSI is here to help.

Pick a category, click a link and you're certain to find what you're looking for in the ISOOSI Kids and Teens Arts directory.

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