Alternative Directory

“News events cannot be controlled, nor can newscasts be
mapped out like entertainment shows.”

~ Jessica Savitch

The ISOOSI Alternative directory is for those who like to see the world from a different perspective.

It’s a directory full of alternative viewpoints, arguments against mainstream media and intelligent discourse against the media status quo. If you like to see current events from all sides, this is the directory for you.

Our alternative news categories are ideal for anyone who believes we receive bias from the mainstream media and for all those who think we get a sanitized, or consumer friendly, version of news and current events.

Everyone has an opinion, everyone has a perspective and this category provides avenues to explore yours.

Why not try the bad news and good news directories to get a wider view of world events? Or odd news if you like things a little left-field. Our newspapers, radio and television categories offer links to local, national and international news outlets, both mainstream and alternative.

ISOOSI is all about making information available. We seek to do that in an unbiased, unpartisan way, which is why we encourage all our users to explore all perspectives of what they see. This alternative category is a way to do it.

ISOOSI has collected thousands of reliable alternative news links for you to use.

Choose from the sub categories below, click a link, and explore as you see fit!

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