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“We relish news of our heroes, forgetting that we are
extraordinary to somebody too.”

~ Helen Hayes

We live in an increasingly reported world. The citizen journalist, mobile video, the podcast and the blog have all joined traditional journalism to bring us breaking news, human interest stories and all the going’s on from around the world.

The ISOOSI Breaking News directory is just that - A repository of reliable news sources that make it their business to bring you news as it happens from around the world.

If you like keeping up with events or following a story, this is the category for you.

The increased coverage of breaking news can lead some to believe there is more crime, violence, births, marriages, scandals and developments happening now than ever before.

They forget that all these things have always happened, we just haven’t always heard about them.

Our ability to report our own news and spread it around the world ensures we get to hear about the stories we want to know, not just what the networks have time for. It’s a fascinating social evolution and one we’re enjoying as it develops.

Our breaking news category includes a wide spectrum of news outlets, covering issues such as business and economy, official press releases, science, technology and internet. Our categories also include specific outlets for headlines and internet broadcasts. All designed to bring you the news as it breaks.

ISOOSI has collected thousands of links to news of all kinds. Use the sub categories below to keep up with what’s breaking in your area of interest.

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