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“If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would
probably be Labor Day Weekend.”

~ Doug Larson

For something as noisy, expensive, potentially unreliable, and clumsy as a car, it’s amazing that it has claimed such a place in our lives. Our cars are often much more than a mode of transport. They can be a love, an obsession and something that takes all our free time and money.

The ISOOSI Autos Directory is an excellent resource for anyone who owns, repairs or loves their car.

Inside you’ll find reviews, advice, hot-to’s, information and all sorts of interesting content on the huge subject of automobiles.

The first car was built in China in 1672. It was powered by steam and too small to use, but it was a car nonetheless.

The first car to include an internal combustion engine was built in 1806, when Francois Isaac de Rivaz built a hydrogen and oxygen powered car. It wasn’t until 1870 that gasoline was used as a fuel, which was pioneered by Siegfried Marcus.

Since that time, cars have become much more than a source of transport.

This directory seeks to do justice to that. Our auto categories cover the entire spectrum of the auto industry, including makes, models, accessories, safety, repair, collectibles, future tech and so much more.

Each sub category has a lot to offer. Choose one, click a link, and see for yourself!

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