Boating Directory

“We may have all come on different ships, but we're in
the same boat now.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr

Boating is a pastime that gives us the freedom and peace that is hard to get on dry land. It’s a hobby that challenges our abilities while rewarding our hard work with a quiet or frenetic experience that makes all the effort worthwhile.

The ISOOSI Boating directory covers a range of subjects from boats, sales, events, news, safety and more. It’s a great place to begin any exploration into what is a fascinating subject.

There is a lot involved in owning a boat even as small as a dinghy.

It’s a pastime that needs training, experience and investment of time and money. But it’s also a pastime that rewards you with peace, tranquility or excitement and adrenalin. It’s a unique pastime that you really do have to experience to get the true nature of.

If you’re interested in boats, we suggest the boat sales and service, build and design, marine communication, paddling, power boating, sailing, wooden boats, and manufacturer categories.

If it’s the wider subject of boating that’s of interest, why not try our associations, canals, education, news and media, museums, insurance and games categories?

Whatever your pleasure, be it sail, powerboats, kayaking or fishing, there's a subject here to explore.

Enjoy them at your leisure!

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