Collecting Directory

“All science is either physics or stamp collecting.”

~ Ernest Rutherford

Anything can be collected, items such as stamps, postcards, old newspapers or toys can all be bought and accumulated over time. For some it’s a pastime, for others an obsession. Half the pleasure is from the hunt, while the rest is derived from completing a set, or acquiring that elusive item you thought you would never find.

The ISOOSI Collecting directory is for everyone who collects things as a hobby. Whatever it is, from whatever era, you'll find it here. Whether collecting is your business or your hobby, we have a selection of categories to suit.

Psychologists think it’s the hunter gatherer in us that drive the urge to collect.

Others say it’s all about dominance or a fascination with a subject. Whoever you ask about collecting as a hobby, they will all have a different opinion on it.

Whatever the reasons behind it, it’s a phenomenon that motivates millions of us to attend swap meets, auctions and antique fairs across the country and build an entire industry around the hobby.

ISOOSI has created a selection of categories that addresses the needs of collectible items. Those categories include; autographs, books, computers, figurines, militaria, models, postcards, sewing items, shells, slot machines, stamps, toys, trading cars, knives, kitchenware, fossils, rocks and minerals and many more.

Whatever your collectible, we’re bound to have something here for you!

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