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“There's a fine line between fishing and just
standing on the shore like an idiot.”

~ Steven Wright

Fishing is one of the oldest continually practiced activities in history. Dating back over 40,000 years, fishing has fed us, kept us safe and entertained us for all that time. Despite no longer needing to catch fish as food, many of us are still to be found by the water with a fishing pole in our spare time.

The ISOOSI Fishing directory includes a huge variety of resource on the subject. From examinations of the fish, fishing techniques, products, manufacturers, reviews, knots to competition and discussions. If it’s about fishing, it will be here somewhere.

We know fishing is at least 40,000 years old as evidence from the Tianyuan man found in Asia tells us so. Studies of the remains shows freshwater fish were most definitely part of his diet. The only way that could be is if there was fishing at the time.

Since that time, fishing has been a part of culture.

Whether to feed the population or as a hobby, fishing has remained a constant part of our lives. There are very few other hobbies that can say the same.

Our fishing categories cover as much of the subject as it’s possible to cover. Categories include bowfishing, fly fishing, freshwater, guides and charters, ice fishing, match fishing, river restoration, salmon and steelhead, saltwater, spearfishing and trout.

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