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“Knowledge-full, unfettered knowledge of its own heritage, of freedom’s enemies, of the whole world of men and ideas-this knowledge is a free people’s surest strength.” 

~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

The ISOOSI reference directory is a repository of human knowledge and experience that covers a wide range of subjects from almanacs, bibliographies, books, and dictionaries to encyclopedias, journals, libraries, maps, museums, and even world records. If it has happened, is happening or will happen, you’ll find it here.

Want to know who said something? Check out the quotes category. Want to read a biography of someone famous, or find out more about a personal hero?

Check out the biography section. For general knowledge, our books, dictionaries, encyclopedia, journals, libraries and open access resources will have what you need. If you’re interested in government, check out parliamentary procedure.

We have painstakingly found, indexed, and organized a massive collection of reference links. The size of the ISOOSI Reference directory is only matched by your appetite for knowledge.

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