Archives Directory

“A library is thought in cold storage.”

~ Herbert Samuel

Archives are incredibly important to us as they allow us to keep history close at hand. They allow us to refer to the ideas of yesterday, honor the actions of those who went before and learn from the mistakes of the past.

The ISOOSI Archives directory is designed to offer a rich resource of research, homework and learning.

It is a directory full of interesting facts, statistics, analysis and websites that offer a wider, more colorful view of the world.

An archive by its very nature is a collection of physical or digital records of events.

Archives are for learning. Whether it’s homework, a thesis, or just inquisitiveness, archives serve a valuable role in bettering our knowledge of the world around us.

Historians love them, researchers couldn’t live without them and all of us should use them.

Our archives are divided into categories. They include the arts, medical, personal, professional resources, records management, regional, social history and university. Each offers a broad base of links to important archives pertaining to each subject.

ISOOSI works tirelessly to seek out the finest archives on the internet and organize them for your use.

Each link is relevant to its category and worthy of its listing! Whatever period of history, whatever culture, event or person you’re interested in, you’ll find something relevant here.

Pick a sub category below and explore the thousands of archive links ISOOSI has collected.

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