Education Directory

“The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge
and the dissemination of truth.”

~ John F. Kennedy

Education is widely regarded as the greatest gift one can give another. We happen to agree, which is why we work so hard on the ISOOSI directory. If we can contribute in even a tiny way to your education, our work here is done!

The ISOOSI Education directory offers a huge repository of thousands of relevant links to anyone who wants to learn. The subjects are wide ranging and include academic subjects, science, IT, early learning and much more.

The term “education” stems from the Latin, educato, meaning to bring up or rear. This in turn is from educo, meaning to train. Education has developed a lot in the last 500 years and for the better.

We have moved from coaching-style training of master to apprentice to a more organized style of formal education. The mediums and curriculum are subject to constant adjustment and development, ensuring the modern learner gets everything they need to contribute to society once they finish school.

The ISOOSI education directory seeks to help anyone who is learning, for whatever reason.

Our categories include; colleges and universities, distance learning, early childhood, educational testing, how to study, instructional technology, international, K through 12, methods and theories, news and media, organizations, products and services and more.

There's a world of learning out there! Select a link from the sub categories below and see what you can find.

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