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“My original concept was to provide a free encyclopedia
for every single person in the world.”

~ Jimmy Wales

The oldest example of an encyclopedia is the Naturalis Historia, written by Pliny the Elder in AD 77. It is a treatise of the sum of ancient knowledge and offers a valuable glimpse into the Roman empire of the time.

Ever since the written word was formalized, forward-thinker began collecting the sum of human knowledge for those who came after.

The ISOOSI Encyclopedias directory is doing the same.

Other notable encyclopedias include the Moorish The Book of Sulaym ibn Qays that dates back to the 6th century, the famous Encyclopædia Britannica which was first published in 1768 and is still in circulation today.

The largest, the Enciclopedia Universal Ilustrada Europeo-americana covers almost 105,000 pages and over 165 million words!

The ISOOSI encyclopedias category offers thousands of reference links in three categories.

They are; directories, subject encyclopedias and open content. Each offers hundreds of high quality reference links on a dizzying array of subjects and all are designed to offer factual, accurate information to readers.

Whatever your interest, whatever your subject of study, there is bound to be something here for you.

We've worked hard to only collect only the most relevant links on the internet.

We are always looking for more encyclopedias and reference-related websites to add to our directory. If you own a website that might fit, submit the URL here.

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