Libraries Directory

“A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas,
a place where history comes to life.”

~ Norman Cousins

Libraries are excellent for researching and learning just about anything. Most cities will have at least one, they will often be free and repay your efforts with knowledge of all kinds.

If you want all the advantages of the library without leaving home, ISOOSI is here to help.
Our Libraries directory is a huge resource covering a wide variety of subjects and offering a dizzying array of links for you to explore.

Our library categories include; by region, college and university, digital, government, independent, national, presidential, public, research, school special collections and subject specific. Each category includes thousands of quality links relevant to each subject.

The first known libraries were built by the Sumerians, who were the first that we know of that collected written records. Relics dating back to 2600 BC show us they recorded their knowledge on clay tablets and collected them for the good of society.

The Classical period and the Renaissance were both boom times for libraries. Many cities built national libraries that collected works of value from across the world for the good of the country. This is something we adopted ourselves when we built our own national libraries.

There is literally a world of knowledge at your fingertips in the ISOOSI Libraries directory. Select a sub category below to see for yourself!

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