Maps Directory

“All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage
to press on to your destination.”

~ Earl Nightingale

Maps are our way of depicting the world around us in visual form.

They can be local, national, international, universal and internal. The ability to map out and graphically represent our area of study helps us understand how elements fit together and how the world around us looks in relation to us.

The ISOOSI Maps directory is a compilation of thousands of high quality, accurate links to maps of all kinds. Categories include; map collecting, Google Maps, historical, libraries, Open StreetMap, regional, trip routing and driving directions. They include links to printed maps and digital ones in many formats.

The first maps were used for navigation during the great time of exploration.

They were scaled representations of what explorers discovered on voyages or what traders learned of their routes across countries.

Explorers, traders, governments and generals have all valued accurate maps in their time, as we still do today.

Even with the advent of satellite navigation and digital mapping, there is still nothing like a foldable local road map to get you home!

Our maps category contains many kinds of map links that offer a different view of the world.

ISOOSI is always looking for relevant map-related websites to grow our directory and offer value to our users. If you own or manage a map-related website, click here to submit the link.