Asia Directory

“There, Asia is a sleeping giant. Let him sleep! If he awakes,
he will shake the world.”

~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Asia is the largest continent in the world, measuring over 17 million square miles. It’s also the most populous, with over 4 billion people calling it home. Asia is popularly regarded as anything east of the Suez Canal, south of the Caucasus Mountains and north of the Indian Ocean.

The ISOOSI Asia directory is suitably massive as well. It includes hundreds of thousands of links to Asian subjects, references, businesses, governments, philosophies, products, services and general information.

The continent of Asia includes China, Korea, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Burma, Thailand, Singapore and dozens of other countries large and small.

For a large period of early human history, much of Asia was a mystery to the Western world. The sheer distances involved and the isolationism of early cultures meant there was little interaction between Asia and Europe.

Now, much of Asia has opened up and allows free movement of people, products and ideas.

The ISOOSI Asia directory contains some of those ideas and plenty of information on the continent.

Our categories include links to countries, arts and entertainment, businesses, education, health, maps and views, society and culture and a range of other fascinating subjects... All here, and ready for you to explore.

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