Caribbean Directory

“Caribbean reality resembles the wildest imagination.”

~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The Caribbean is an amazing place full of beautiful tropical islands, fascinating cultures and a rich and diverse history. The region includes over 700 individual islands and over a million square miles. Despite this area, only 92,541 square miles of that is land.

The ISOOSI Caribbean directory celebrates everything from the region. We include the countries, islands, geography, culture, businesses, products, services and reference material that offers value to anyone looking into the area.

Generally, the Caribbean is regarded as everything south of North America, east of Central America and north of South America.

It includes islands, cays, reefs, islets and a huge swathe of ocean. Territories include Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands, Antiqua and many more.

Due to the island nature of the Caribbean, the cultural mix is rich and diverse.

Many islands were owned by the Spanish, some by the French and more by the British. Many of them still display this cultural heritage, while many have been able to either retain their own or successfully marry the two.

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