Math Directory

“The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to
make complicated things simple.”

~ S. Gudder

According to Aristotle, math was "the science of quantity." Until the 18th century that was true, then along came abstracts such as group theory and projective geometry and that had to change. Three hundred years later and there still is no agreement on the true definition of math!

The ISOOSI Math directory is slightly more definitive. We've organized a huge collection of relevant web links on the many aspects of math and applied math. It covers a huge swathe of applications, the study, the business and the potential of math.

Math as a field includes three main disciplines, foundations of math, pure math and applied math. Each has something different to offer the world and demands a slightly different approach.

The foundations of math discusses logic, theory, abstract and relationships. Pure math deals with quantity, structure, space and change. Applied mathematics is about how math is used in engineering, science, industry and business. It includes statistics, computational math, probability, fluid dynamics, cryptography, game theory and much more.

Each branch of math has a lot to offer, but demands a lot in return.

The ISOOSI math directory includes a number of categories in the most popular branches of study. They include the academic studies, business, application, history, organizations and much more. Click a link and see what you find!

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