Physics Directory

“The observer, when he seems to himself to be observing a stone, is really,
if physics is to be believed, observing the effects of
the stone upon himself.”

~ Bertrand Russell

Physics is a natural science that concerns itself with the study of matter, energy, time and force. It is a huge area of study that essentially wants to explain how nature and the universe behaves.

The ISOOSI Physics directory includes a huge variety of resource on the subject, including; examinations of the universe, experimental techniques, products, equipment manufacturers, organizations and academic groups and fields of study.

If it’s about physics, it will be in this directory.

The Ancient Greeks first began a formal study of how the world worked that evolved into the science of physics. Not content with religious or naturalistic answers to their questions, early thinkers controversially began trying to work out why things worked or appeared as they did.

As testament to the ability of those early scientists, some theories proposed over 2000 years ago were proved true only with the tools and technology of today!

Our physics categories include; academic departments, alternative, astrophysics, classical mechanics, computational physics, electromagnetism, history, nuclear, optics, particle, plasma, quantum mechanics, relativity, rheology, thermodynamics and many more.

Each category is designed to offer knowledge and value, whether you’re a student of the science or someone who works in the field. We invite you to choose a category, click a link and enjoy the fruits of our labor!

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