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“Television is a high-impact medium. It does things no other force can do.”

~ Walter Cronkite

Electronics is a fairly new industry that developed very quickly to deliver an astonishing range of solutions for everyday problems. From vacuum cleaners to life support machines, electronics has delivered the modern world as we know it.

The ISOOSI Consumer Electronics directory includes thousands of links on products and services built around devices that make our lives easier, more fun, more enjoyable and more advanced. If it includes a printed circuit and achieves a purpose, it’s here!

Despite its relative youth, the electronics industry has changed a lot since those early days.

Gone are vacuum tubes, diodes and mechanical gears and in are semiconductors, solid state electronics and electronic circuits. Our devices are becoming smarter, smaller and more powerful by the day. It’s often hard to keep up!

Our electronics directory is a rich resource of relevant links to products, buying information and advice. If love gadgets or need a device to get the job done, you’re in the right place.

Our consumer electronics categories include; accessories, audio, communications, digital portable players, home automation, home theater, language translators, video, mobile phones, cameras and photography, toys, radio and more.  We also include helpful links to consumer information too.

ISOOSI has collected thousands of electronics links for you to explore at your leisure.

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