Crafts Directory

“Other kids did drugs - I did crafts.”

~ Kathie Lee Gifford

A craft is a pastime that needs an element of skill to complete. It’s the art of creating something from scratch with tools and techniques that have to be mastered. Crafts can be purely decorative or useful, but they must be made by hand.

The ISOOSI crafts directory is a huge repository of information regarding a multitude of crafts. We have collected thousands of high quality links from across the world on a range of crafts, so whether you’re an enthusiastic beginner or an artisan, there’s bound to be something here for you.

Crafts have been with us since mankind’s earliest days.

Each region and every culture developed their own crafts, their own styles and their unique blend of color and material combinations to make the world of crafts a fascinating place to inhabit.

Our crafts categories include; baskets, beads, ceramic art and pottery, decorative painting, dolls, ethnic and regional, fiber arts, floral, glass, jewelry, leather, metal, mosaics and so much more. If it can be made by hand, it’s in here!

Whether you love working with your hands, want to learn new skills or simply create something beautiful, crafts deliver.

If you want to learn a new craft, or develop an existing one, ISOOSI is here to help. Select a category, click a link and see what we have in store for you!

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