Books Directory

“The things I want to know are in books.”

~ Abraham Lincoln

Since the earliest civilizations, we have valued the written word. Whether that was pictograms on clay, tree bark, stone, metal or wax, we recorded life as it happened.

The ISOOSI Books directory is the place to be if you want to buy books, build a business around them, explore them or sell them. We have collected thousands of links from across the world relevant to books and literature of all kinds.

Much of what we know about our history is from books written at the time, or shortly afterwards.

Books have changed our world more than we realize.

They helped form religions, caused wars, freed people from slavery, brought education to the masses, spread ideas of freedom, social justice and equality. Without books, who knows where society would be?

To celebrate such a huge contribution and to offer valuable resources to lovers of books, the ISOOSI books categories represent the widest selection of subjects we could think of.

Categories include; antiques and collecting, arts, audio, biographies, book clubs, braille, business, children, fiction, food and drink, health, history and much more.

If it contains the written word, it’s probably here... See for yourself!

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