Organizations Directory

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined
effort of each individual.”

~ Vince Lombardi

Organizations are affinity groups, either official or casual that come together to achieve a stated goal. As social animals we like to work collectively and organizations are formal expressions of that. Whatever the aspect of life, there will be an organization to match.

The ISOOSI Organizations directory brings together thousands of links on groups of all shapes and sizes. Whether official, governmental, non-profit, professional, sports or just people meeting for fun, we’re sure to have a link to them here.

Some are necessary to concentrate our efforts more efficiently, oversee a sports or profession or to ensure the correct administering of government policy. Others are voluntary and give us a structure for expressing ourselves through activities or the ability to meet with like-minded people.

The ISOOSI organizations directory seeks to provide links to thousands of entities from all walks of life. Our categories include; advocacy, animal welfare, chivalric, development, fraternal high intelligence, hobby interests, sports, local currency systems, nonprofit resources, open access, professional, regional, religious and many more.

We have collected thousands of links to thousands of organization in this directory.

Some are formal, some are academic, some have social goals, others have competitive ones.

Whatever you’re looking for, we probably have a link that will help you in the sub categories below.

ISOOSI is always looking for more organizations to grow our directory and offer value to our users. If you represent an organization, click here to add your website link.