Philosophy Directory

“Philosophy is the highest music.”

~ Plato

Philosophy is a huge and often complicated field of study, but one we should all try at least once. Through thought, argument, the application of logic and reflection, philosophers attempt to answer fundamental questions about life as we know it.

The ISOOSI Philosophy directory is a huge collection of philosophical resources sorted into logical categories for you to explore. Whether it’s philosophers you’re interested in, or the philosophies themselves, there’s a link to it here.

As a school of thought, philosophy concerns itself with the nature and scope of knowledge.

By using skepticism, rationalism, logic, metaphysics and moral philosophy, thinkers seek to fully understand the world around us, solve problems of truth, belief and reality.

Philosophy is an incredibly important field that makes a valuable contribution to the sum of human understanding. It’s also a compelling area of study, one that anyone can contribute to. We encourage everyone to do so and provide the resources you need right here. Click a link and explore!

The ISOOSI philosophy directory includes a wide variety of categories that include; academic departments, aesthetics, analytic philosophy, continental philosophy, eastern philosophy, epistemology, ethics, feminist philosophy, metaphilosophy and many, many more.

We seek to cover as much of the width and breadth of this fascinating subject as possible. If you own or run a website that adds value to the ISOOSI philosophy directory, add the URL by clicking here.