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“You don't play against opponents, you play against
the game of basketball.”

~ Bobby Knight

Basketball is one of the fastest, most exciting spectator sports around and commands fans in the millions. It’s essentially a simple game that allows for a fast moving, free flowing ebb and flow of players. It is that simplicity that makes is such a great sport to watch.

The ISOOSI Basketball directory covers every aspect of the games, including spinoffs, coaching, chat, news, rules, leagues and more. If you ever wanted to know more about the game, you’ll find something here!

Basketball began as a way to keep school children occupied in bad weather. Teacher James Naismith came up with the game in 1891 as a way of providing physical education while indoors.

The game took off and spread across the world, evolving as it went. It also spawned netball as a variant mainly played by women.

From bored school kids to multi-million dollar athletes, the sport has come a long way in its time. It is now a national pastime, one played in every school, every college and every city in the country and we’re all the richer for it!

The ISOOSI basketball directory includes a variety of categories on the sport. They include; bankshot basketball, beach basketball, coaching, college and university, communities, deaf basketball, fan pages, history, maxi-basketball, mini-basketball, officiating, players and more. Choose your category and explore, it’s all in the game.

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