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“Golf is me.”

~ Tiger Woods

The modern game of golf is one of the only sports that does not have a defined court or course, which is part of the attraction. It is a genteel sport that demands precision and patience from those who play. It’s a source of pleasure and frustration in equal measure whether you’re a player or spectator!

The ISOOSI Golf directory covers all aspects of the sport, from the equipment, the business, etiquette to professional players. If it’s played on the green, it’s included in our directory.

The origins of golf as a game are unclear and are attributed in equal measure to the Chinese, the Romans, the early English and the French.

The modern game of golf was invented in 15th century Scotland. That much we know for sure, as there are written records dating back to 1457 that mention it directly.

The ISOOSI golf directory has thousands of high quality links on the subject from around the world.

Categories include; by region, college and university, community and clubs, course architecture, courses, disabled, driving ranges, etiquette, golfers, instruction, organizations and more. If it’s played with a club, it’s in the golf directory.

Each category in our golf directory is designed to offer the widest range of resources on the game.

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