Motorsports Directory

“When you are fitted in a racing car and you race to win, second
or third place is not enough.”

~ Ayrton Senna

Motorsports are some of the fastest, most exciting sports in the world and command a huge viewing audience as testament to that. If it has a motor and can be raced against others or the clock, it’s a motorsport.

The ISOOSI Motorsports directory is the place to be if you love your engines. We have scoured the internet for the most relevant, quality web links from across the world and have collected them here for you. Each offers an engaging insight to the sports.

Not all motorsports involve racing against others.

Sports such as drifting, rally, trials, freestyle motorcross and others have competitors scoring points or beating a clock. They are just as exciting to watch as the races. We love them all!

The ISOOSI motorsports directory includes a selection of categories to make finding what you’re looking for as easy as possible.

Those categories include ATV racing, auto racing, bar stool racing, boat racing, drivers, events, history, karting, lawn mower racing, motorcycle racing and more.

If you want to know the tracks, we have that. If you want to follow the teams, we got that too. Have a favorite driver? Follow them from here. Want to learn how to race? Check out the schools and instruction category.

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