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“The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it.”

~ Woodrow Wilson

The ISOOSI Swimming and Diving directory is where you come if you want to learn more about swimming and diving as a sport. We have thousands of links covering all aspects of it, from the organizations, governing bodies, types of swimming and events. It’s all here waiting to be discovered.

Swimming has been a competitive sport since prehistoric times. It is one of the longest running continuously-played sports ever and still commands huge audiences and participation at the highest levels.

We know of cave paintings depicting swimmers dating back over 7,000 years. There are mentions of swimming in the Bible, Homer’s Odyssey, the Quran and other texts of the time too.

While swimmers may have always raced each other, it wasn’t until 1837 that competition was formalized. Then, in 1896, it became an Olympic sport, which it remains today. First introduced as a men’s event, women were later accepted and had their own competition within the Olympics and elsewhere.

The ISOOSI swimming and diving categories include; athletes, camps, college and university, events, finswimming, high school magazines, masters, open water, organizations, regional, science, synchronized and winter swimming. It also includes links to Olympic diving, Olympic swimming, clubs and teams.

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